All the Cool Kids Are Doing It….

Well, it didn’t take long for me to break that promise of posting once a week. To be fair, I forgot I have a day job and said yes to a movie up in North Bay, Ontario that consists of me being handcuffed to a guy while running away from baddies and of course wearing next to nothing, because Hollywood! Don’t worry, my bra is so hugely padded it literally keeps me warmer.

My cooking and eating streak has been paused as well, which is what happens when I work 12+ hours a day and have to show things like stomach regions on camera, as well as rely on a husband who panics at the word “deglaze” when I write him the simplest ever recipe to follow. (Speaking of panic, epic levels of it were rising when I poked my head in the rental car over the weekend and found a graveyard of empty McDonald’s bags. Good news is, the baby is still alive!  Even if he smells a little funny.)

So even though I don’t have a recipe for you in this post, I do have something that will hopefully pique your palate. I mean, if you like tea. And if you don’t, well… my powers of persuasion know no bounds, just FYI.

Charlie and I have started Tea Runners, a monthly tea subscription service launching in 2017, and we’re hoping it’ll become a loose leaf tea club for cool people. High-end, only the best and hard-to-find badass teas from around the world that’ll be delivered straight to your door.  This is not mass produced tea sprayed with additives and weird colouring, which is a thing, and it’s gross. This is the Real Deal. The teas, which we’ve personally tasted and selected, are painstakingly grown and harvested just like the best wines are. We’ll even bring you blends made by legit tea masters, because we love you, and we’ll also include tasting notes and steeping instructions so you can maximize and celebrate the taste of each tea and impress your friends. Okay, so it’s nerdy. But, like, that’s my middle name, so….

And before you freak out, I will still love wine the most, of course. It’s just, I’m getting tired of the looks I get if I try to drink it before 3pm, so tea it is in the interim. I really hope you enjoy this. I think it’s going to be fun.

Hit up to sign up for updates and launch information, if you want to be cool. Or at least nerdy-cool. Which is the best kind of cool, anyway.







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  1. leanne says:

    Sounds nifty! Shipping to OZ?

  2. Fernando F says:

    your posts are ‘nutritional’ to me. they make me happy. so, no recipe one in a while is ok to me.
    I hope you tea-infuse things that don’t go on grills (I have a super small apartment).
    p.s.: not a fan of padded bras.

  3. P.D. Stewart says:

    Looking forward to 2017! Cannot wait to try the teas. Great idea.

  4. Attila says:

    love the way you write 🙂

  5. Chantelle says:

    Do you have any thoughts/goals on a ratio of black vs not black tea offerings? I ask because a very proper English friend of mine (aka tea snob) was all set to join in, saw that green / non black was included, and backed quickly away. (Otherwise, he’s a nice enough fellow.) He’s hesitant to commit to anything if 3/4 of what is sent he wouldn’t likely enjoy. I thought that if he has that concern, others may as well…

  6. Jeremy says:

    Don’t worry about breaking the promise, I do that ALL of the time on my own blog (not that I have that large a following). Life just get’s in the way.
    Now that Tea Runners venture sounds very enticing. I may very well have to give that one a shot. Good luck with it!

  7. Erin says:

    Huge tea and wine fan (and food in general). I’m surrounded by great wineries down here in Virginia (USA). Happy to share my favorites in case you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods. Can’t wait to see what teas you send!

  8. Rebecca Kyrie says:

    I am so nerdy cool!

  9. Liz says:

    Will definitely be giving Tea Runners a shot! What a great idea.

  10. Jilana says:

    Tea-infused whipped cream! (?) YaY!

  11. Svenja says:

    Ahh, Tea.. can’t get enough of it! I hope you will ship to germany too? Have signed up for updates at anyways.

    Best wishes to you and your family from northern germany,


  12. Zeon says:

    We here in Seattle (at that lovely event you went to on the waterfront) approves of said Tea to Door service. Tea is life!


  13. Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly says:

    Did you know that tea is grown on Vancouver Island?
    They are sort of competitors, so I won’t say more than that, but it’s interesting.

  14. Todd says:

    I absolutely love the idea of a tea service, but to be honest, I’m still stuck on the part about scantily-clad-handcuff-jogging in the snow.
    Give me a few minutes to finish processing and I’ll sign up!

    (For the tea. Not the other part. I’d look terrible in a padded bra)

  15. Megan says:

    This makes me extremely happy. I am always ecstatic to find fellow tea lovers and make a point of searching out local tea growers. I recently found a small company in Shuswap who lists all sorts of recipes to make with their tea and I’m dying to try a few. I am so looking forward to trying all your tea recommendations too!

  16. David says:

    Just wanted to say So sorry for the loss of Your Friend Ron! I Loved watching those episodes of Serenity with him and the rest of the co-stars. God’s Peace

  17. David says:

    Hi Jewel hope i don’t get in to trouble with your husband. I would Love to be in a movie with you being handcuffed to You. Heck i would Love to be handcuffed to any woman for that matter. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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