To Beer Or Not To Beer (Part 1)

For those of you that haven’t met me, both in person and/or on the internet in some fashion, I am a wine lover. A wine appreciator. A wine indulger and some would even say wine worshipper. My fascination with wine began at a rather early age (you can drink at 18 in Canada, ok? Don’t(…)

Pan Fried Cutlets and Spaghetti

Know what I love? Cookbooks. Few things give me more pleasure than diving into a new cookbook with my trusty Sharpie and marking off all the recipes I want to try. (I’m working on getting a life.) And my favorite new cookbook is from The Red Cat, a lovely restaurant in Manhattan known for its(…)

Red Medicine

Red Medicine

…. and no, I’m not talking about cough syrup, so relax. The medicine I speak of is no other than Red Medicine, a scene-y little Vietnamese-inspired restaurant on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills.  I’d heard about it because I’m one of those food geeks that peruses websites like for my weekly restaurants-to-visit list making sessions (I(…)

A Culinary Odyssey… in Omaha?!

A Culinary Odyssey… in Omaha?!

So, as some of you know, I do a fair amount of traveling.  Sometimes it’s for fun, pleasure, and the endless and arduous task of finding the world’s most perfect beach (Napili Bay, I love you). But a lot of the time, I travel on business. The business I’m referring to usually pertains to some(…)

A Thorough Abuse of Grapes

Dear friends: I’m about to share with you one of my most sacred and beloved vacation spots.  A place so precious, one can only deem it to be the promised land, my own personal mecca, my pot of proverbial gold at the end of my drunken rainbow….  Santa Ynez Valley, California. Tucked away on the(…)

Bacon and Perogi Pie

Hey, remember that time I casually mentioned my friend Celina Dean’s Perogi Pie?  And then you facebook’d/messaged/screamed at me for the recipe?  Well, I heard ya, loud and clear. I also heard the perfect opportunity to get Celina to whip up another one of these pies so I could taste it I mean photograph it(…)

Timpano (which I think in Italian means “This Better Be Worth It”)

Ever seen the movie Big Night? Basically, it’s about these two brothers who own a failing restaurant and, as a last resort to gain some sort of notoriety, they throw a lavish dinner party where of course all hell breaks loose.  It’s a great movie.  You should really see it.  So, at the center of(…)