‘Budda Me, Baby

Get ready for this shocking revelation:

I really like romance. Especially a new romance. I’m a cheesy little sucker for a sweet surprise, a heavy meeting of the eyes across a crowded bar, public displays of love and affection, and fervent, hot-blooded, can’t-get-enough-of-you uninterrupted trysts that last for days on end. The conventional bores me. A predictable routine tires me. And don’t get me started on the trite.  I need excitement in my life, and nothing gets me more excited about a new love.  So, here goes, world:  I’ve got it bad.

For Bambudda.

Bambudda is yet another amazing restaurant in Vancouver’s Gastown, which has now turned into our very own little hipster restaurant row, except with less fedoras and a thankfully considerate absence of bullshit hipster food ie. quinoa meatballs and menus entirely made up of salads. (FYI: when I go to dinner, a salad does not make a meal. It is also a terrible entree choice when you plan on drinking any sort of alcohol because you will inevitably barf in your date’s hair and/or shoes, so ladies, please eat actual food, for the love of god).  I love Gastown because it’s always a good time, its clientele consists of insanely pretty people refreshingly happy to give you the time of day, and it’s teeming with fabulous restaurants and bars with super friendly bartenders. Or at least they sure as heck are friendly to me. But enough surprises.

Bambudda calls itself a modern chinese restaurant, but I think it’s more than that. There’s something really special and refined about what they’re doing, like an artistic version of dim sum, modern and west coast with such a blatant respect for letting a quality ingredient shine. It’s also comforting and rich, the kind of food that makes you smack your lips and want to sit in the chef’s lap, if classy ladies like me did things like that. Haha! Hi, Chef’s lap!  Some of what we had:

"Tea Eggs"-- perfectly poached quail eggs with chinese ham and a little truffle oil cuz they like to romance you like that at Bambudda
“Tea Eggs”– perfectly poached quail eggs with chinese ham and a little truffle oil, cuz they like to romance you like that at Bambudda
“BBQ pork buns”– shredded saucy pork in Chinese buns served with a bit of sliced pickled plum to cleanse the palate between bites. He even wants to cleanse my palate!
Chicken skins roasted into chips served with a salt and pepper lime for drizzling. Think eating chicken skin is gross? YOU’RE gross. Eat it, idiot.
Roasted bone marrow served with beautifully balanced bison tartare mixed with some crispy rice for texture. Bone marrow is nature’s butter, my friends. Also nature’s way of saying “I love you, humans.”
Stupidly good steamed oysters with black bean sauce, glass noodles, and a little chili for some heat, sitting atop a throne of blue sea salt.
and a gorgeous roasted cod resting in a seafood soy broth that I swear to god was trying to get fresh with me, it was so brazen. Amazing.


I should tell you that Bambudda has some really hot I mean knowledgable bartenders who know how to whip up a special cocktail to go with that delectable meal of yours (my favorite is the Fitzgerald– gin, rose tea syrup, and cava, and crowned with a teeny little red rose just because Bambudda is so full of romantic surprises).  I’m not sure if the word’s out yet or not, since it was rather dead in there on a Friday night, but this place deserves to be a success.  And don’t you want to be sort of responsible for someone else’s success?  Of course you do!  So go fall in love, will ya?


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  1. Ash Nathens says:

    “Think eating chicken skin is gross? YOU’RE gross. Eat it, idiot.”

    I never thought I would be able to say “I’d enjoy some fried skin for supper” in polite company…

    Best. Review. Ever 🙂 15,000 miles from Australia, but enjoying reading literary food porn none-the- less!

  2. Jessie says:

    Your reviews always make me drool! And I have to offer a belated thank you – I visited some of the places you wrote about in Paris and LA and they were really great!

  3. Martin says:

    Looks, interesting. Beautifully descriptive as ever of course, the words are as tasty as the dishes described, lol. Bison tartare, hmmm, anything raw which isn’t smoked or cured has me scratching my head, maybe I’ll build up the courage one day to try some steak tartare. The cod and tea eggs look very tempting.

  4. Kari says:

    May I sit in your lap, please? I’ll bring chicken skin, I promise.

  5. Terry Hornsby says:

    Love your foody blog. Going to link this to me g+stream because it’s sweet and informed (not to be mistaken for informative). Wish I could try these places out myself.

  6. Alex Hook says:

    Interesting and delicious story. New Chinese … Very curious. We need to see is there such in St. Peterburg? We should look for!

  7. Gina says:

    You had me at fried chicken skin! YUM! Sounds like a fab place!

  8. Rose says:

    Another delicious write-up. I love your blog and now I am craving fried chicken skin!

  9. Ashley W says:

    The playfulness with Asian small plates reminds me of China Poblano in Las Vegas, which is a Chinese-Mexican fusion tapas restaurant. Might be worth checking out if you haven’t been there.

  10. Kerim says:

    the marrow and Tartare looked good. Love you as always

  11. Omi says:

    Ooo lala…so jealous! …especially of that bone marrow dish

  12. Jeremy says:

    I will have to keep this place on a list of places to go if I ever make it to Vancouver. You make it sound worth the travel alone.

  13. The Puzzling Centaur says:

    I am hungry now. G:
    Love your reviews!

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