Get Your Goat On

So maybe you don’t live in Vancouver. And these blogs about Vancouver restaurants are stupid-boring and useless to you. Or maybe I just like to fish for compliments. But regardless, I need to talk up one of my favorite little spots to eat in this city, because I just don’t think it’s getting the attention it deserves. And you know how I feel about attention.

Judas Goat is a place I’ve mentioned before way back when I made a top ten list of the best places to stuff your face in this fair city, in my most humblest (har, har) of opinions. And I’m assured that the people who do know about this tiny hole in the wall adore it the way it’s meant to be adored. But it’s hard to find, and because of the plethora of new restaurants in Gastown, I fear that it’s being forgotten about, and that just won’t do. So I want to mention it again for those of you that are lucky enough to live here, or maybe to further entice you to give Vancouver a visit, if not for our excellent food, epic mountains and scenery, then at least for our amazing restaurants. And have I mentioned our bevy of beautiful women? (What is wrong with me today?)

Gastown’s come a long way in the past few years, going from a shady little scuzz pocket to the place where all the cool kids buy their first lofts. It’s kind of like Coachella with less music and more crackheads. Would I walk around barefoot? Probably not. But I feel like every month yet another incredible restaurant pops up, and it’s becoming the only place to be on a Friday night when you feel like strutting your stuff in your skinny jeans and then getting your stiletto caught in the cobblestones and tripping in front of a crowd of cool people. Judas Goat is located in the infamous Blood Alley, which is about as pretty as it sounds, but man, are the locals colorful. Sitting at the window overlooking the courtyard, one may be lucky enough to see the dude who likes to wheel his bottle of Jack Daniels in a baby carriage, or the super-fit meth addict who does a seriously impressive round of burpees while cordially inquiring of you if “you’d like to party, sexy sexy”. (Fair question, guys.)  To go with the free entertainment, snack on delectable tapas made in the thumbnail-sized kitchen like smoked quail served on a bed of lentils with bacon, or a ridiculously refined octopus terrine, or quails egg-crowned pork belly served with a house-made mushroom ketchup.  Wash it all down with a glass of something obscure and hard-to-find like a chilled glass of Miopasso fiano, or a lil summery sangria. Everything they do is elegant and simple, but just a touch higher class than you could ever do using your own noodle in your kitchen at home. The prices are respectably low, too, and leave you with enough leftover cash in your wallet to head to Clough Club down the street for a specialty cocktail after dinner. Some pics to further entice you:


olive tapenade crostini drizzled in expensive-tasting olive oil

Crispy lil chickpeas made of goat just kidding!

crispy lil chickpeas made of goat just kidding!


beets atop pumpkin seed-crusted goat cheese with more expensive olive oil


albacore tuna ceviche with cilantro and coconut and some more crostini just cuz


and– oh, hi!– some brisket meatballs with a zesty tomato sauce


Now get those skinnies on and give the Goat a visit, already.