To Beer or Not To Beer (Part 2)

To Beer or Not To Beer (Part 2)

  You didn’t think Part 2 was coming, did you? You probably thought I’d abandoned ship on my backbreaking task to edumacate myself on all things beer, where I vowed to learn about its intricacies and complexities and frothy, hoppy goodness, only having instead fallen down a wine rabbit hole, never to resurface to pay(…)

The Yard in Santa Monica

The Yard in Santa Monica

This is going to be a real whammie, guys– but I’m a big fan of Top Chef. I’ve seen every episode of every season, and every episode of every spin-off season.  I know every Restaurant War intimately, can name every winner in order, and have cried tears of envy over Padma Lakshmi’s wardrobe.  I am(…)

Let’s Break Bread!

First of all, no panicking!  I know, making bread from scratch can be scary and intimidating, or just too much work.  But here’s a secret: it’s really not.  In fact, it’s so easy, you’ll be wondering why you never did it before.  Plus, how cool are you gonna look next time you have a brunch(…)

The Spice Table

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some food from the far East. Maybe it’s from spending so many of my younger years in Hawaii with my local “Aunties” cooking up spicy shrimp stirfries and steamed Chinese buns stuffed with char su pork as mid-afternoon snacks that’s made me suss out Asian-style(…)

To Beer Or Not To Beer (Part 1)

For those of you that haven’t met me, both in person and/or on the internet in some fashion, I am a wine lover. A wine appreciator. A wine indulger and some would even say wine worshipper. My fascination with wine began at a rather early age (you can drink at 18 in Canada, ok? Don’t(…)

Pan Fried Cutlets and Spaghetti

Know what I love? Cookbooks. Few things give me more pleasure than diving into a new cookbook with my trusty Sharpie and marking off all the recipes I want to try. (I’m working on getting a life.) And my favorite new cookbook is from The Red Cat, a lovely restaurant in Manhattan known for its(…)